Mental Health Care

We believe effective therapy begins with the right match, but does not end there. Our collective uses an integrative approach to foster sustainable mental and physical well-being within 12 months.

Your  tailored Resilience Lab experience includes:

  • Sophisticated matching technology
  • Curated team of therapists with quality training and diverse backgrounds and specialties
  • Flexible service pricing
  • 24/7 insurance support
  • Comprehensive mind-body assessment
  • Integrated care through referrals to specialists (e.g., nutritionists)
  • Collaborative treatment plans
  • All care with a goal of learning self-sufficiency
  • Evidence-based modalities
  • Outcome monitoring and summaries
  • Ongoing support and community

We are the largest and most diverse Mental Health Care collective in NYC

We offer therapy where ever you are, online or in New York City where our offices are welcoming, inclusive spaces where you can relax, open up and learn

Find a therapist in 5 simple steps:

1. Contact our care coordinator
2. Tell us about yourself
3. Receive a therapist match
4. Schedule a free consultation
5. Book your first session

Each of us has the capacity to recover from life’s challenges. But over time, our ability to bounce back – our resilience – can suffer from fatigue, in turn degrading quality of life. The Resilience Lab Methodology reverses this natural pattern with a unique integrated approach to mental healthcare. By creating an individualized plan for each client based on an extensive assessment of personal history, skills, and deficits that creates a path to measurable improvements in your sense of well-being while helping to restore and improve your coping skills.

Founded on proven therapies, experience, and innovation

Resilience Lab was created to expand access to mental health resources while measurably improving long-term results.

Our methodology was developed by our co-founder Christine Carville while supervising students and new therapists at Columbia University and at the ACT Team at Metropolitan Hospital in NYC. Her 14 years of experience as a clinician and 10 as an educator led to the realization that the most important element of successful therapy is the relationship between a client and therapist.

From those experiences, our unique Methodology and supporting technologies were born. In addition, our process ensures that all of our therapists are trained in multiple techniques under the close supervision of our senior clinicians. This assures all members of the Resilience team are focused on achieving measurable and enduring results for our clients both in-person and online

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