Alexandra Keysselitz
Alexandra Keysselitz

I view therapy as a collaborative and co-created space of exploration. I follow an interactive and relational approach to therapy, helping clients to understand their relational patterns and the impact past and present narratives have on their day-to-day lives.

I believe that the therapeutic relationship is imperative to the therapeutic process and I strive to create a brave, non-judgemental, and inclusive space where obstacles can be understood and explored. I am passionate about helping clients recognize their intrinsic strengths and using those strengths to build a strong foundation for success in relationships, romantic partnerships, work, and personal life.

I have previously worked with individuals, couples, parents, and families using a relational lens to understand individual and group dynamics. I have experience in Motivational Interviewing, CBT, and family therapy. I have a particular interest in working with couples and families.

● New York University (MSW)
● University of Puget Sound (BA in History)

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