Anya Lukianov
Anya Lukianov

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Societal norms today often inaccurately inform us that asking for help or being vulnerable is a sign of weakness. As a result, many of us tend to get “stuck” in dynamics that just aren’t working for us. In the words of Brene Brown, “vulnerability is not weakness, it is our greatest measure of courage”. Therapy success rates are often dictated by the ‘ideal client-therapist fit’. Whatever your concern is, let’s talk it through and see if we are a good fit to collaboratively work through the challenges that you are facing. No issue is insignificant enough for therapy if it is taking away from your joy and quality of living.

Although I am well-versed in addressing a myriad of issues, I have extensive history working with clients who are struggling with various addictions and with issues related to trauma(s). I embrace a relational, trauma-informed approach that gently addresses core issues so as to encourage long-lasting, positive change.

Throughout the therapy process clients should feel heard, validated, proactively motivated, and most importantly, empowered! I hope that you’ll find that my services can provide this and more; offering relief and peace-of mind despite the difficulties that you are facing.

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