Berta Bustamante
Berta Bustamante

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As a woman born to Mexican immigrants and raised in America, I hope to help eliminate the pernicious lack of quality mental healthcare for groups that have been historically marginalized, including caregivers, women, and black, indigenous and other people of color, and people who are LGBTQ+. We’ll work together in a warm, straight-up, no-nonsense, rich clinical relationship that we’ll build over time. I work with clients to gently process emotions with an aim to discover and amplify what’s already there—an inborn wellness and inherent inner strength with roots that are spiritual, cultural and unconditional. We can walk together to undertake any healing and transformational change you see as important in a safe, “no bullsh*t” environment focused on your whole life wellness.

Prior to becoming a therapist, I spent 20 years working white collar life in Manhattan’s large corporations. I saw first-hand what it costs, emotionally, to try like hell to create momentum in environments that are not built for today’s diverse workforce. For decades, working parents, caregivers, people struggling with depression, chronic illness, imposter syndrome, enormous life shifts or the weight of chronic, compounded societal injustice have just had to swallow a lack of true inclusion. The compounded stress, anxiety and depression in these environments is rampant and largely untreated. I have not only seen it; I’ve lived it. And now I’ve trained to help people work through it and make meaning out of the reality of it all. It’s possible to not only feel better, but feel at your best in spite of whatever challenges you’re facing. You deserve it!

BA, US History, Columbia University

MSW, Silberman School of Social Work, Hunter College

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