Desiree Polonis
Desiree Polonis

With the modern world comes modern problems. Do you feel your problems aren’t valid? They
are. Current life stressors on top of unresolved issues, no matter how minor they may seem, often
lead to anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, and unhealthy, self-destructive habits including
substance abuse, behavioral addictions, and even mental health conditions. My mission is to
provide support and validation as well as teach skills for gaining traction in life so you can
become your best self and build a life you want to live.
I moved from Albuquerque, New Mexico to New York to become a therapist and advocate for
mental health awareness. As a career-changer, I understand firsthand the stress of juggling a
corporate job, relationships, personal hobbies, and aspirations. Now as a psychotherapist, I
understand ways to manage these modern stressors for a more effective and fulfilling life. I
believe that to truly thrive, we must take care of both body and mind. I emphasize this mind-
body connection in my practice. As your therapist, my goal is to create a genuine, professional
relationship between us so you feel comfortable exploring important thoughts, emotions, and
behaviors for problem solving what needs to happen for creating lasting, positive change in your
During our sessions, I will use a variety of modalities, but overall, I use a person-centered
approach. This means I consider us partners in planning, developing, and monitoring your care to
make sure that your needs are being met. Above all, I want to help you advocate for yourself.
You are the expert in your own life, but I look forward to supporting you during your journey of
self-discovery and self-care.

BA University of New Mexico – MSW Fordham University

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