Gina George
Gina George

You may call it healing. You may call it growth. You may call it liberation. You may call it wellness or self-care. You may call it just being seen and heard. Whatever you call it, you deserve to have space to talk about what is most important to you, to not feel judged, and to explore your needs and goals in a caring and compassionate therapeutic setting. Things like experiencing trauma, harmful institutions, societal pressures and messages, interpersonal struggles, and facing oppression can shape how you see yourself and navigate life.

How you feel on the inside, relationships, and behaviors often take form in response to these influences and can sometimes cause an overwhelmed or stuck feeling. Creating the space you need for yourself and tending to these inner experiences is a powerful act of self love, and one that you do not have to do alone. With you as the guide and expert, we can work together to
evoke and draw out the ways you already intrinsically know how to offer yourself care and

Rooted in community care practice and social justice efforts for over 15 years in NYC, I work with immigrants/migrants, those who have experienced traumas like domestic violence, sexual assault, and police violence, communities of color, Trans, Queer, and Gender Non- Conforming people, LGBQIA+ communities, and those who hold multiple of these and other identities or experiences. I am trained in and practice psychotherapy with an anti-oppression and trauma-informed lens, and pull from modalities such as motivational interviewing, CBT, psychodynamic practice, evidence-based mindfulness and grounding practices, liberation health, safety and wellness planning, and grief counseling. I have experience in treating depression, anxiety, self-harming behaviors and suicidality, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and self-identified undesired substance use. Additional experiences include working with life transitions and stressors, relationships, chronic health concerns, gender expression and expansiveness, sexuality and sexual health with youth, work/life balance, and building strategies for resilience and sustainability.

Oberlin College, B.A., Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College,LMSW.

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