Inna Andreva-Miller
Inna Andreva-Miller

I work with children and adolescents, with developmental and behavioral problems, their parents, adults, ADHD, autism, chronic medical illnesses and life transitions.

Born in Kyrgyzstan, trained in the former Soviet Union, Germany and the United States, 

I worked as a pediatric psychiatrist in urban and rural areas of Kyrgyzstan for 8 years, and as a Mental Health Specialist, in New York. I am currently providing SI/ABA treatment in the Early Intervention DOH and DOE programs for children up to 3 years old and their siblings.

I can help families with finicky eaters, healthy and medically ill children having adjustment problems in Pre-K, elementary, school, and after-school programs.

In my psychotherapeutic work with families and individuals, I utilize CBT, DBT, CGT, MI, Mindfulness and Play Therapy, in which I was formally trained.

MD- Kyrgyzstan. MSW- Columbia University SSW; License: LMSW-NYS.


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