Kathryn Zambetti
Kathryn Zambetti

Relationships, both personal and professional, are predicated on trust.  Once trust is breached it takes thoughtful communication to rebuild what was lost. My focus, as a psychotherapist, executive coach, and relational intelligence strategist, is to help individuals and partners engage in uncomfortable, yet necessary, conversations to; get ahead of conflict, establish rules of engagement, work through fear, and directly address ongoing challenges to achieve their full potential and brightest possible future.  This includes; inner child work, strategic goal planning to manifest your future best self, and relationship counseling to achieve harmonious relationships in all aspects of your life (romantic, personal, and professional).


I believe that no one modality is the answer. Rather, an amalgamation of psychotherapeutic modalities, deep listening, an understanding of an individual’s nutritional and dietary habits, mindfulness techniques, and creative thought to be key in revealing the root cause that prompted an individual to seek help. I collaborate with my clients to curate a personalized recipe for healing and success. I am a holistic practitioner, in that I take an individual’s whole lifestyle and life course into account when deciphering the best strategy to move forward. This takes impeccable acute listening skills and the analytical ability to connect the themes that have shaped and conditioned a client’s life perspective.

My work is grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Positive Psychology, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Goal-Setting and Mindfulness. By deconstructing fear and addressing the root cause of an issue (i.e. identifying triggers, re-working a unified company vision, inner-child work, holistically addressing one’s lifestyle habits) clarity of mind and freedom are achieved. This, in turn, allows you to reach your life’s full potential.


I am a solution-oriented practitioner with an upbeat demeanor that quickly provides a level of ease when conversing, which allows clients to confide their vulnerabilities with trust and candor.  The work that I do centers around self-esteem development, inner child work, identifying triggers, managing anxiety and environmental stressors, working through feelings of isolation, creating solutions that deliver long term results, balancing life transitions, and relationship counseling.  A client’s needs are almost always not what they arrive to a session complaining about, rather they are mired in a stew of experience, beliefs, life course, role modeling, values, professional environment, and most importantly, relationships. My approach focuses on reorienting an individual from vociferating about the past, as a victim, by working together on establishing a new perspective about their strength, survival, resiliency, and resourcefulness. 


Do you feel stuck in a rut, overworked and unable to achieve the results that you hope for, blocked from making clear decisions, in a habitual cycle of fear-based decision making, in unfulfilling relationships, and feel that anxiety & depression are controlling your thoughts & actions? I am here to support you to a sustainable path towards a fulfilling life.


MSW, Columbia School of Social Work

BSBA, Georgetown McDonough School of Business


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