Menemsha Milnor
Menemsha Milnor

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My approach to therapy is relational and psychodynamic, rooted in the belief that with proper support, we can transform pain into positive change. Many of us numb or avoid our feelings as a means of getting through the day. While this is a natural response to trauma or chronic stress, over time the numbing of pain leads to the numbing of pleasure.

I believe that being able to feel our feelings is essential to the experience of living a full life. In our work together, I will use practical tools and help you learn skills to stay grounded in your body and in touch with your feelings, so that you can live with purpose, joy, and meaningful connection.

I am distinctly passionate about helping people form secure relationships by focusing on communication and self-esteem issues. While my therapeutic orientation is psychodynamic, I also have training in various evidence-based modalities, such as CBT, AEDP, and mindfulness.

I have historically worked with diverse populations, such as survivors of intimate partner violence and youth impacted by parental incarceration. I have recently begun to work more closely with LGBTQIA+ youth and feel particularly well suited to help LGBTQIA+ of all ages navigate the stress of coming out and other challenges.

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