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Renee Eddy

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The following questions are common:

Why can’t I sleep?
Why don’t I feel like myself?
Why do I feel numb and depressed?
The isolation is taking a toll on me!
I cannot deal with my kids right now!

The feelings and symptoms you are experiencing may be about your body and mind trying to adjust to difficult and stressful from life experiences. Especially with everything that’s going on in our world right now. Well, that is understandable because we are dealing with something in our society that we’ve never dealt with before and it’s having a negative domino effect on your mind, body and soul. You feel completely thrown out of balance from your life traditions. However, it is important to remember that there is hope.

My approach as a therapist is a constant theme that runs through all generalist social work practice. This means I have an eclectic theoretical approach that uses a systems framework to assess a variety of points for intervention. For example, I practice the strength perspective. With this practice I identify client’s strengths and then build on their strength to empower the client. Along with reviewing the client’s ecological perspective, which means identifies your life transactions and environmental pressures (work, family, relationships). Along with using CBT helps me identify your unhelpful thoughts, patterns and behavior and alter them to work towards your goals.

I want you to remember there is no peace in life without challenges! As your therapist, we will work together to achieve your goals and help you get your life challenges. Please remember as your therapist I want you to know with me you are in a safe space and a judge Free-zone!

Renee L Eddy is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), MSW From Yeshiva University NYC, BA degree (area of focus Psychology) from The College of New Rochelle and Certified alcohol substance-abuse counselor (CASAC Level 2).

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