Shari Norton
Shari Norton

I believe that to have a fulfilling life, one must be able to problem solve and maintain healthy relationships. Problem solving and healthy relationships enables us to thrive, pursue happiness, and contribute to our communities so that others can do the same. Whether it is with co-workers, family, friends, or even with food, we find ourselves working constantly to identify and solve problems so that we can maintain relationships, healthfully. Seems simple, right? The “problem” is, working with ourselves and with others to solve other problems can be an extremely complex process because it is one that requires the ability to communicate and negotiate effectively. And there are huge consequences if we do not solve problems effectively -more problems, unhealthy relationships, and an unfulfilling life.

I have close to four years in providing therapy to individuals in identifying and solving problems for the purpose of maintaining healthy relationships. I do this by listening, looking for indicators of an individual’s existing relationship and coping patterns. I intently work to identify an individual’s strengths and, using clinical interventions, gently coach them in using those strengths to help them understand the problem, and develop (or hone) effective communication and problem-solving skills while increasing emotional intelligence. And I do it all with the kind of empathy, patience, and attentiveness all people deserve. I look forward to supporting you in honing a healthy and peaceful relationship with yourself and others, and in your pursuit of a fulfilling life.

BA in Criminal Justice (Lincoln University)
MSW in Social Work (University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Policy and Practice)

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