Sohaula DePeyster
Sohaula DePeyster

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Success begins with the decision to try. Pursing therapy provides a safe environment to explore passions, work past your fears, and balance your life. It takes courage and strength but leads to a satisfying life. I specialize in working with adults dealing with anxiety, depression, challenging family dynamics and addiction. I especially love working with individuals dealing with self-esteem challenges, gender identity and life transitions. Every client is treated with respect, compassion and warmth. My approach is using cognitive behavioral and strength-based modalities to treat various mental health conditions. I have experience working with individuals dealing with addiction in a harm reduction facility. This included addressing trauma, understanding triggers and safety planning. As a structural family therapist, I address family dynamics, communication skills, trauma, structural patterns and creating a unified family. Creating a safe and judgment-free space is crucial. Mental health is not something that can be solved overnight. I truly believe with time, patience and support individuals can become vulnerable enough to be their true selves in a therapeutic environment leading to a successful and fulfilling life.

MSW, New York University Silver School of Social Work

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