Tomas McCabe
Tomas McCabe

HEAD OF SPACE  —  Our mission is to make Resilience Lab an attractive, calm, and comfortable place for you to clear your mind.  We hope that the common space (not-a-waiting-room) will be utilized as a relaxing, contemplative space for you to gently transition from the noisy streets of NYC to your sessions and back.  Show up a little early and stay a bit longer before and after your sessions.  Take a minute for yourself, use the WiFi, breath deeply, and let the extraordinary, transformative work you are doing sink in!   — Tomas is a conceptual artist and craftsman well-versed in sustainability and green living.  He draws on his creativity and unique skills for design projects and organizational systems.  Tomas relocated from San Frantastic, California and brought with him a West Coast sensibility to his work, it’s healthy, holistic, and fun-loving.

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