Vernon Bauer
Vernon Bauer

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What makes for a meaningful life? There are as many answers as there are individuals in the world, and yet it can be difficult to say. Maybe we’re not sure of what it is that we want, or maybe we do know but are conflicted about it. 

I support my patients by providing an interactive and nonjudgmental atmosphere in which we can explore the problematic areas of your life with a strengths and evidence-based, solution-focused approach, intended to promote personal growth and a deeper sense of satisfaction with yourself. 

Prior to becoming a therapist, I spent years working as a theater director. Both of these roles involve helping someone cultivate a narrative. The major difference with therapy is that we are working to get the patient to tell their own story with their own voice – and even rewriting the script along the way, as necessary. 

I believe in the effectiveness of psychodynamic therapy because whatever our “here and now” symptoms may be (ie: anxiety, depression, anger, jealousy), they are almost invariably rooted in early life “then and there” experiences. Until we understand the roles that we have been playing, and casting others in along the way, how can we ever expect the story to play out differently? 

MSW – Columbia University (Currently in post-graduate psychoanalytic training at The Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy) 

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