Job Description:

There are multiple opportunities for new LMSW’s who would like to begin their career in full-time private practice that offers ongoing evidence-based training, support and supervision. The practice does not accept in-network insurance but works with clients who have out-of-network benefits and with some sliding scale. Clients are matched to each clinician individually for fit so there is a bit of a build-up period to reach full-time schedule of 25 clients weekly.

Psychotherapist skills & requirements

  • Graduation from an accredited Masters’ program for clinical mental health and passing of the licensing exam (awaiting licensure is required for interview)
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Commitment to ongoing self-care
  • Entrepreneurial spirit

Key Goals and metrics used to measure success

  • Client engagement and retention
  • Monitoring of goal progress and appropriate termination with clients

Reporting and governance

  • Based in NY, location of site is currently Bryant Park area of Manhattan
  • Reporting to Site Supervisor & Clinical Director
  • Employee of Resilience Psychotherapy, PC

Psychotherapist Responsibilities

  • conduct a series of psychotherapy sessions with clients – normally lasting 45 minutes for individuals and an hour for couples – to assess need, build trust and explore issues
  • encourage the client to talk about and explore their feelings, attitudes and behaviors
  • run group sessions with people undergoing therapy in a clinical setting (if interested)
  • help clients to develop strategies for coping with issues and for making positive changes to the way they think and behave
  • evaluate therapy sessions and outcomes and write session progress notes and treatment plans
  • undergo supervision with a qualified supervisor in order to reflect on sessions, and to raise personal issues and professional concerns arising from work
  • keep abreast of developments in theory and research
  • network within the health professional community and other potential business areas to maintain continuity of work and client base

To apply:

email resume and cover letter to